Tester secures assistance for improved tribal transit

Investment will improve transportation options, strengthen local economies

(BIG SANDY, Mont.) – Thanks to Senator Jon Tester, Montanans living in tribal communities will soon be able to more easily get to work, school and visit family members.

Tester secured nearly $3 million to improve public transportation in Montana’s Indian Country as part of the recently passed bipartisan Highway Bill.  Tester’s provision will increase transportation options on reservations across Montana.

“Giving folks better transportation options allows them to move around more efficiently,” Tester said.  “That helps them get to work, provide for their families and strengthen our economy.  It’s a responsible investment to improve opportunities in Indian Country.”

The assistance is part of a nearly 50 percent increase that Tester, as a member of the Senate Banking Committee, secured for Montana’s public transportation systems in the Highway Bill. 

The bipartisan Highway Bill funds improvements to the country’s highways and public transit systems and supports 13,500 construction jobs in Montana.  It also eliminates many duplicative programs, ensuring transportation dollars are spent more efficiently.

The bill also provides a 30 percent increase in funds for road construction and improvement on Montana reservations.  Tester fought to include this increase in the bill, working with the U.S. Transportation Department and urging his colleagues to support it.

Tester is Montana’s only member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.  He recently restated his call for better care for Native American veterans.