Tester responds to the State of the Union Address

) — Sen. Jon Tester tonight
released the following statement in response to President Bush's State of the
Union Address:

"Tonight President Bush spoke about the importance of renewable energy as
an alternative to oil.  For six years, we've heard the President talk
about renewable energy with no measurable commitment. Tonight I hope that we
heard more than just talk.

With our state 's abundant supply of wind and capacity to produce ethanol and
bio-fuels, Montana stands ready to be a key
player in expanding America's
energy sources and making our country energy independent.  I look forward
to working with the President and my Senate colleagues to make Montana a pioneer in the
frontier of alternative energy.  That is critically important to making
the world a better place for our children and it is vital to our country's
national security.  And for Montanans, harnessing our state's energy means
good-paying jobs and economic development, including in rural areas of our

Like many Montanans, I am deeply troubled by the President's insistence to
escalate the war in Iraq,
sending more young people into harm's way with no real plan for victory or safe
return.  Our troops in Iraq
and Afghanistan
have given more than has been asked of them.  They deserve smart,
thoughtful decisions from their Commander in Chief.

I will continue to hold this President accountable to make well-informed
decisions that will get our troops out of Iraq quickly and safely.  I
urge President Bush to plot a course out of Iraq that does not rely solely on
our men and women in uniform but also incorporates political and diplomatic
pressures involving our allies in the region."