Tester: Small business bill ‘right for Montana’

Measure cuts $12 billion in taxes, doesn't add to debt

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after voting to pass the bipartisan Small Business Jobs Act:

“From billions in tax cuts to better access to the capital needed to create jobs, passing this bill is right for tens of thousands of small business owners who call Montana home.  It waives fees and increases loans by the Small Business Administration, which is critical for our small business state.  And it improves opportunities for small businesses to contract with the federal government.

“This jobs bill is fully paid for and won't add a dime to our National Debt.  It is about creating jobs and rebuilding our economy, and it’s a shame some choose to play politics with it.”

The measure passed the Senate 61 to 38 and now goes to the U.S. House for approval.

The Small Business Jobs Act:

  • Gives small businesses $12 billion in tax cuts
  • Does not increase the National Debt
  • Incentivizes and increases small business lending
  • Helps small business owners access private capital to finance an expansion and hire new workers
  • Rewards entrepreneurs for investing in new small businesses
  • Helps Main Street businesses compete with large corporations

Details about the bill are available online HERE.

Since last year, Tester has hosted four well-attended Small Business Opportunity Workshops in Montana to provide resources and information to Montana businesses.