Tester response to State of the Union Address

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Senator Jon Tester tonight released the following statement in response to President Bush's final State of the Union Address:

"We've done a lot over the past year to move veterans' issues forward to make sure they get the health care they were promised.  After not hearing the word 'veteran' once during last year's State of the Union, it's good to see President Bush finally realizes that the status quo for our veterans is unacceptable.  It's time for him to pay more than lip service.

"Our troops have made military progress in Iraq because they're the best in the world.  It's too bad the President hasn't made it a priority to make diplomatic progress there.  Until he does, Iraq will be using our presence as a crutch—at a cost of $3 billion every week.

"I admire the President's spirit of cooperation in wanting to stimulate the economy.  But any plan has got to help the folks being hit the hardest: small businesses, family farmers and ranchers, seniors, and Montana's working families."