Baucus, Tester: City of Poplar to receive grant of over $1.5 million

Money will be used for water storage tanks

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) The City of Poplar will be able to upgrade its water infrastructure and ensure safety drinking water for its citizens, thanks to a grant announced today by Montana Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester.

The city will receive a grant for $1.55 million from the Rural Development Authority, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The city will use the funds to build a new 500,000 gallon water storage tank and to upgrade the existing 125,000 gallon storage tank. 

"Ensuring that communities have enough water on hand is essential for keeping communities healthy," Baucus said. "Access to clean water is right and this grant will make it just a little bit easier for the City of Poplar to build their community, continue with economic development and create good paying jobs."

"All Montanans, regardless of where they live, deserve reliable access to clean water," Tester said. "Providing a grant for the City of Poplar to add additional water storage is putting federal dollars to work where they will do the most good."

Baucus and Tester previously announced another USDA grant for the City of Poplar for $2,950,000.