Tester praises decision to keep Kinsey post office open

U.S. Postal Service reaches agreement to extend lease

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Montana Senator Jon Tester today praised a decision allowing the U.S. post office in Kinsey, Mont., to remain open indefinitely.

"I am pleased that the folks who live in and around Kinsey will continue to receive postal service from Main   Street," Tester said.  "My thanks go out to everyone who took part in the agreement to keep the post office open."

Many in the small community of Kinsey, northeast of Miles City, expressed concern over the possible closing of the post office due to a request by the owner of the building to end the U.S. Postal Service's lease.

Today the Postal Service announced it had reached an agreement to continue the lease for at least several more years.

"It's important all Montanans, no matter where they live, have access to the services they need without having to endure long miles on the road," Tester said.

Driving to larger towns for essential services like mail is an enormous inconvenience for rural residents in a state as large as Montana, Tester added.