Tester launches new Senate website

Senator encourages Montanans to sign up for newsletter at new tester.senate.gov

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Senator Jon Tester today launched his revamped Senate website, offering better access, more transparency and more information to the Montanans he serves.

The new website is now online at http://tester.senate.gov.

Tester today also encouraged all Montanans to use the site to sign up for e-mail newsletters, which he will soon send regularly to update the people he serves.  The newsletter signup page is online at http://tester.enews.senate.gov/mail.

The improved website prominently features Tester's daily schedule, which is updated at the end of every business day.  Tester was the first U.S. Senator to regularly post his schedule online—a promise he made to Montanans to bring openness and accountability to his office.

Some of the new features of Tester's homepage include:

  • A Legislation section where users can research Tester's legislative work and key legislation pending before the Senate.
  • A Resources section which provides helpful information for organizations applying for federal grants.  It also provides resources for students and children, and information about Montana.
  • A Services section for Montanans who need help dealing with the federal government.  Users can also get information about being nominated by Tester to serve at a military academy or working for Tester as an intern.
  • Contact information for Tester's offices around Montana and in Washington, D.C.  The site also features a feedback link allowing users to e-mail questions or concerns to Tester.

The website features an online newsroom, which includes articles about Tester, as well as a press kit for reporters and a link to videos of Tester's floor speeches.  Tester's news releases are regularly posted on his homepage.

"The whole site is user friendly, interactive and stuffed full of handy information," Tester said.  "It's a sharp tool for all Montanans and it will only get better in the future."

All Montanans interested in contacting Tester via the Internet are asked to do so at http://tester.senate.gov/contact.