Tester launches G.M. feedback website, encourages Montanans to weigh in

Senator will deliver comments from concerned Montanans

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Demanding “American jobs, not foreign jobs,” Senator Jon Tester today launched a new website to give Montanans a forum to comment on General Motors’ recent decision to pull out of its contract with the Stillwater Mining Company.

Tester is encouraging all Montanans concerned by G.M.’s decision to send feedback online at:

“G.M.’s decision doesn’t sit well with me and a lot of other folks,” Tester said.  “Now it’s time for G.M. and the Auto Task Force to hear directly from people in Montana.  They can send their feedback to me online, and I’ll make sure it gets to the people who need to see it.”

In 2008, Tester voted against a multi-billion dollar bailout of G.M. and other American automotive companies in part because he wasn’t convinced the money would be used to create American jobs.

After receiving $50 billion in taxpayer money, G.M. announced it would cancel its contract to buy palladium from the Stillwater Mine in south-central Montana.  A federal judge in New York City last week upheld the decision.

Stillwater Mine is America’s only producer of palladium, used to make catalytic converters for cars and trucks.  G.M. instead wants to buy palladium from mines in Russia and South Africa.

“As long as Montana taxpayers are footing G.M.’s bailout bill, G.M. should be in the business of creating American jobs, not foreign jobs,” Tester said.  “That’s just common sense, which seems to be in short supply at G.M. these days.”

All Montanans are encouraged to send comments to G.M. and the newly created Auto Task Force via Tester’s website.  Tester plans to deliver the comments he receives at a later date.

Tester last week slammed G.M.’s decision during a speech on the Senate floor.  Video of Tester’s speech is available online HERE.