After Tester’s Push, Montanans Will Finally Have More Accurate High-Speed Internet Connectivity Maps

New interactive maps will allow Montanans to search for their home coverage and lodge an agency complaint if it is inaccurate

After a sustained push for transparency from U.S. Senator Jon Tester, Montanans can finally access increasingly accurate maps of their own high-speed internet coverage. Montanans will be able to use a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) map with up-to-date information on what entity covers their home and the services provided. Montanans can report inaccurate information directly to the FCC.  

Tester secured these maps through his bipartisan infrastructure law. Access the interactive map HERE.

“As a third generation farmer living in rural Montana, I know firsthand the challenges that folks in communities like mine face when they don’t have access to reliable high-speed internet,” said Tester. “As I travel the state, I consistently hear stories about the struggles communities face due to a lack of access to good service. Up until now, I couldn’t even get an accurate picture of the coverage offered on my farm, so these new maps from the FCC are a step in the right direction as we invest in high-speed internet infrastructure to ensure all Montanans have access, no matter where they call home.”   

Tester is Montana’s leading champion for high-speed internet connectivity in rural America. Tester worked across the aisle for months to negotiate the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) with a group of five Republicans, four Democrats, and the White House. Tester secured significant wins for Montana in the legislation, including $65 billion to deploy broadband to areas across the country that lack internet access and additionally make online connectivity more affordable.