NonStop Local: US Air Force announces MANG in Great Falls will receive C-130J aircraft

by Bobby Lee

The United States Air Force announced today that Montana Air National Guard (MANG) base in Great Falls will officially be the first of four selected military bases to receive the delivery of a new C 130J aircraft.

According to Lockheed Martin, the aircraft are able to carry up to 44,000 lbs and travel 2400 miles while carrying all of that weight.

The new aircraft will replace the old fleet of C-130Hs and will require new flight qualifications for Army National Guard pilots according to the Air Force.

Now, Montana Senator and Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee of Defense, Jon Tester, says these birds will fill right at home at MANG.

The C-130Js are a big plane with a big mission and they’re the perfect fit for a big state like ours,” said Senator Tester. “I’m looking forward to seeing this fleet up and running to help ensure Montana remains the greatest state in the greatest country in the world.

The Air Force has committed to not Decommissioning the aging C-130H fleet until they have consulted with and received agreement from the state of Montana. But there’s no timeline yet to when those aircrafts will officially be in service.