NonStop Local: New veterans clinic that provides VA disability benefits exams opens in Missoula

by Taylor Richardson

A new veterans clinic that provides disability benefits exams in Missoula had its grand opening with Sen. Jon Tester in attendance. Disability benefits exams are a critical step for veterans being able to submit claims for Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits.    

The Leidos QTC Health Services Clinic is a first of its kind in the state of Montana and it provides services that Montanan’s no longer having to travel out-of-state to get. 

According to Tester, Missoula area veterans often had to travel great distances, or wait long periods of time in order to receive a medical disability exam. Now with the opening of this new facility, veterans will have a closer option to access to the exams in order to get VA benefits.

“When I heard from vets in Missoula that accessing these exams was taking months and that folks were having to drive hundreds of miles to get them, I knew we had to do better for our vets,” said Sen. Tester. 

Leidos QTC Health Services is a third-party disability claims processor, and it’s Missoula clinic will offer general medical, mental health, dental, and audiology exams for veterans around the area. The clinic will also have a customer experience expert who will help veterans through the process for filing claims for VA benefits.

“With this clinic, we will increase our capacity 38% to deliver more services to veterans. And we expect to deliver upwards of 500 exams every month here at this clinic,” said Larry Shaefer, the CEO of Leidos QTC Health Services. 

The clinic will also provide an easier access to get the new benefits for toxic-exposed veterans under the PACT Act. 

The address for the Leidos QTC Health Services Clinic in Missoula is 2819 Great Northern Loop, Suite 100.