NBC Montana: Tester speaks in Missoula on defending hunter safety courses

by NBC Montana Staff

Friday in Missoula, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester joined hunters and outdoor advocates at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

He spoke about his push to protect Montana hunter safety courses through his Defending Hunters Education Act.

President Joe Biden signed the bill into law earlier this month, reversing the decision to prohibit the use of federal funds for school archery, shooting sports and hunter education classes.

“On this bill in particular, we got a lot of comments from RMEF members saying that we need to fix this, this isn’t right. That always helps, grassroots is what really helps push Washington to move. People really don’t understand how powerful it is, but it’s incredibly powerful, and when you get people organized writing in letters, sending emails, making phone calls, it can have a big difference,” Tester said.