NBC Montana: Tester holds public town hall in Bozeman

by Michael Santoscoy

BOZEMAN, Mont. — U.S. Senator Jon Tester held an in-person public town hall on Thursday at the Bozeman Public Safety Center.

This is the first town hall Tester has held since the pandemic. He answered questions from Montanans and gave updates on recent congressional business.

Locals asked Tester questions about climate change, housing prices in Montana, inflation, division in the country and many other topics.

Tester said the questions that were asked today were informative and helpful to help him get peoples questions answered and resolve some of the real-world issues.

“I love listening to my bosses about what’s on their mind and see where the challenges are in the state. It’s informative, I’m able to take a lot of the ideas that we get in meetings like this. We got some today back and put in forms of legislation and often times get a pass because it makes sense. So, this is just good,” said Tester.

Tester says after the election he’ll be going back into session to focus on the ominous funding bill and other small bills.

Tester holds public town hall in Bozeman | KECI (nbcmontana.com)