NBC Montana: Tester Blocks Biden’s Amtrak nominees, fights for rural America’s seat at table

by Kylie Gibson

MISSOULA, Mont. — As a part of his continued fight to strengthen rural America, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester formally blocked president Biden’s nominees to serve as members of the Amtrak board of directors.

Tester worked with four other democrats, five republicans and President Biden to craft the bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

He specifically worked with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to include provisions that will enable Amtrak to modernize its operations and continue to serve the entire country’s needs for decades to come.

Part of that effort included restructuring the Amtrak Board of Directors so that it better reflects the nation’s geographic diversity.

“My goal is to get geographic diversity on the Amtrak board because I think it’s really important for future success and to solve problems they come up. I think the view of the world makes a big, big difference. And if you have somebody on that board that understands rural America, then I think it makes that board a better board,” said Sen. Tester.

Tester’s office has not yet heard back from President Biden.