Montana Standard: Tester brings MT common sense to Washington

by Jori Schapps

Tester brings MT common sense to Washington

At a time when working families are feeling the pain of inflation, health care costs and rising housing prices, the last thing Montanans need is politicians in Washington, D.C., ramming a new federal sales tax down our throats. Fortunately, our Sen. Jon Tester is fighting back.

Sen. Tester was quick to sound the alarm after House Republicans put forward a plan to implement a national 30% sales tax that would jack up prices on everything from a gallon of milk to a new pair of boots. He fired off a letter to both Senate leaders, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, slamming the proposal as an awful idea, and he promised he would take on anyone to defeat it. Tester even went on national TV to rail against the new tax plan and defend our Montana way of life, saying such a plan would happen “over my dead body.”

We don’t have a sales tax in Montana, and we sure don’t need the federal government imposing one on us. Sen. Tester gets that, and he’s using his voice to go to bat for our state — unlike others in the Montana congressional delegation who have been practically radio silent on this issue. It’s a good thing we have Sen. Tester bringing Montana common sense to Washington to shut down awful proposals like this one.

Jori Schrapps,


Tester brings MT common sense to Washington (