Missoulian: Letter to the editor: Tester’s office resolves vet’s issue

by Daniel Rachell

I am a disabled veteran who recently had to get congressional assistance involved to resolve a five-month-old issue. I first contacted Sen. Daines’ office for help. Four weeks later and after five phone conversations with his staff, I never received any callbacks or other contact from anyone in Sen. Daines’ office (both Missoula and DC). After contacting Sen. Tester’s office in Missoula and leaving my info and issue, within three hours I was being helped by Kate Hahn, Veteran Liaison for Senator Tester’s staff. And within 10 days, the issue was resolved. This is not, at all, meant to be partisan, I am simply relaying to others the truth of my experiences with the staff of those representing Montana in the U.S. Senate. The VA system always has major issues no matter which party is in charge — and nothing ever really gets resolved — Why? Well, if they fix it, they can’t campaign for reelection on the notion they will go fix the problem. In the last decade or so, both parties have had control of the Congress and White House — yet, their biggest campaign issues never get resolved. Think, citizens, just take a second and think.

Daniel Rachell,


Letter to the editor: Tester’s office resolves vet’s issue (missoulian.com)