Missoulian: Letter to the editor: Tester delivered for Missoula

by Emily Wilmott

As an environmental attorney and resident of Missoula, I was thrilled to hear our community was recently awarded $39 million for a new electric bus facility for the Mountain Line as well as $25 million in RAISE grant funding to improve infrastructure, including bicycle lanes, downtown. These projects will improve our quality of life while making greener transportation more accessible. This funding comes from the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act, a landmark initiative that is allowing local and county governments to build out smarter, more sustainable infrastructure to replace out-of-date roads and bridges. Sen. Tester is the only member of Montana’s congressional delegation to vote for this bill. I commend his work in Congress to work with members of both parties to craft a solution that helps Montanans build our economy while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Missoula has always led the charge in Montana when it comes to sustainability. It is going to take change at all levels of government to address climate change so I applaud our city government for pursuing this funding and Senator Tester for delivering for Missoula.