KPAX: Sen. Tester helps bring $25M in infrastructure funding to Kalispell

by Sean Wells

KALISPELL – A total of $25 million in infrastructure development funding is heading to Kalispell thanks to bipartisan legislation being signed into law.

Senator Jon Tester worked on the legislation which aims to expand transportation infrastructure to support economic growth and increase public safety.

Funds through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will go toward a number of projects including widening West Reserve Road in Kalispell from three to five lanes. Intersection improvements will also be focused along Hutton Ranch Road and Whitefish Stage Road, widening Stillwater Bridge and more.

Sen. Tester says securing infrastructure funds is a top priority for Kalispell, which is one of the fastest-growing regions in the state of Montana.

“They need infrastructure if their businesses are going to be able to be successful, and their families are going to have quality of life and for safety reasons, it checks all the boxes for all of the things a good transportation project fixes, and so we were able to get these dollars for them and they will put them to good use and put them to good work and it will keep moving the Flathead forward which is the whole idea here,” said Senator Tester.

Sen. Tester worked across the aisle to negotiate the agreement with a group of five Republicans, four Democrats and the White House.

Sen. Tester helps bring $25M in infrastructure funding to Kalispell (