Senator Tester Tours Missoula Building


by Shaun Rainey

MISSOULA, Mont. — Senator Jon Tester and Missoula Mayor Jon Engen toured the Garlington building in downtown Missoula Saturday.

Construction started on the building in 2009 and was financed by a federal tax credit called the "New Market Tax Credit."

The New Market Tax Credits are designed to boost economic development in communities.

The Garlington building construction put 129 contractors to work and produced more than $5 million in wages.

"Missoula is getting very very aggressive on recruitment of businesses and they know you have to have good infrastructure if you're going to be able to recruit businesses into the region and I applaud their efforts. I think they are going to be successful, what this building is is just a sign of good solid infrastructure to help recruit business to the Missoula area," said Senator Tester.

The building has six floors, the third, fourth, and fifth floors are for the law firm's employees. The first and second floors are still available for rent.