Valley Journal: Tester names top seven 2021 accomplishments

1. The signing of my bipartisan infrastructure package into law.

My top highlight is the bipartisan infrastructure package, which delivers urgently-needed investments to Montana that will support our small businesses, lower costs for working families, and grow our economy-all without raising taxes on Montana families.

2. Combatting consolidation and boosting competition in the Ag industry.

To level the playing field and increase market transparency-bills like our American Beef Labeling Act, our Meatpacking Special Investigator Act, our New Markets for State-Inspected Meat and Poultry Act, one on spot pricing, and recent legislation to suspend foreign imports that threaten our markets were created.

3. Securing disaster relief for Montana producers facing historic moisture and drought.

Producers and Montana farmers and ranchers got assistance directly with programs like the Livestock Forage Program, the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program, and the Conservation Reserve Program.

4. Passing the American Rescue Plan.

The American Rescue Plan got shots in arms for anyone who wanted them and helped keep small businesses afloat and rural hospitals and schools open.

5. Getting the Northern Border reopened.

6. Crafting the United States Innovation and Competition Act.

This landmark science legislation supports cutting edge research that will power development and create good-paying, 21st century jobs in scientific and technological innovation and rural America will have a seat at the table when it comes to a new innovation hub.

7. Leading the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

We got 8 of my bills signed into law to meet the evolving needs of our vets here at home, and connect more folks with the health care, benefits, and respect they’ve earned.