KHQ: Senator Tester works to ensure American beef is labeled "Product of USA"

by Riley Nagle

Senator Jon Tester is looking to make U.S. produced beef more accessible for American consumers by reinstating a mandatory country of origin labeling law.

The new bill was announced in Billings on Friday.

He spoke alongside local producers and consumers about why placing the label ‘Product of U.S.A.’ on home grown beef is so important.

The senator mentioned how America has the best AG products in the world, and believes consumers have the right to know where their product is coming from.

A consumer representative says it makes her feel safer knowing the beef she buys comes from the U.S. where she believes our regulations and practices are reliable.

“This is about making sure our cow/calf producers can stay in business. I have a number of bills that will help them through utilizing the packers and stockyard act enforcement, but mandatory country origin labeling allows them to be able to label their beef. So, the consumer I just talked about will be able to go in and choose USA beef, which I believe they will and I believe they’ll do in higher percentages,” Sen. Tester said.