NBC Montana: Tester, Daines ask Job Corps to open in-person learning

by Mackenzie Quinn

Montana’s U.S. senators, Jon Tester and Steve Daines, filled letters directed toward Anaconda and Trapper Creek Job Corps to reopen in-person learning.

“Job Corps provides valuable education and vocational training in skilled trades to young people across Montana,” Daines wrote. “But these jobs require hands-on education and getting back on campus to be truly effective.”

In his letter, Daines stressed that with vaccine distribution across the state, they should be able to return to the in-person courses needed to understand their teachings.

On Friday, Tester released a similar statement also referencing the vaccines.

“While I am encouraged that the Department of Labor announced a phased reopening in October, I am alarmed that Job Corps centers are still awaiting guidance from the Department about moving ahead with resumption of in-person activities,” Tester wrote.

There has not been a response yet from the Job Corps locations or a comment about reopening in-person learning.