KULR8: Senator Tester tours MAFB to inspect ICBMs

by Elijah Collins

Malmstrom Air Force Base welcomed Senator Jon Tester Friday for a tour to check in and make sure all protective resources are up to par.

As the new chairman of the defense appropriations subcommittee, Tester was briefed on threats around the world as well as some of the current challenges the base is facing.

The tour group visited the launch facility and will later visit the weapon storage facility as well as the facility that houses the grey wolf helicopters.

Malmstrom is set to receive new grey wolf helicopters, but Tester says that’s not the only thing in the works.

“We’re looking at GBSD starting in 26, finishing in 36. Cheyenne will be first, Malmstrom will be second, and Minot will be third. That is going to have to move forward because that is critically important for the countries defense,” Tester said.

Originally Malmstrom was scheduled to receive the new helicopters this October, but due to certification issues, Tester anticipates the process will take another year.