NBC Montana: Tester speaks to Butte community

by Mackenzie Quinn

BUTTE, Mont. – U.S. Sen. Jon Tester spoke to the Butte community Wednesday afternoon during the Building Butte meeting. The conversation focused on some of the new bills Tester is introducing in the Senate.

As the chairman of Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Tester also highlighted the current Southwestern Montana Veterans’ Home, stating this shouldn’t be the only veterans’ center in the rural area of Butte.

Tester touched on the economic opportunity that Butte has for developing businesses. He focused on the increase of big businesses and manufacturers flocking to the Port of Montana.

“We continue to attract well paying sustainable jobs to this area,” said Tester. “We can’t forget mining; we can’t forget timber — all those things are important to this country. They’re important to Butte — Butte more than anyone else, knows that those things have to be done right.”

When asked about the struggles Butte is facing, Tester admitted he did not know them but said he hopes to work with the people to push forward.