Tester Speaks to MSU-Northern Grads


Montana State-Northern honored its graduates today at a commencement featuring Senator Jon Tester. On a special day for the Class of 2009, students said 'goodbye' to classrooms, and 'hello' to the real world.

The class of 2009 filled the gymnasium to celebrate the end of a very long road. And the beginning of a new one. Senator Jon Tester, a native of Big Sandy, delivered a commencement address to a class that enters the workforce at an extremely challenging time.
"With challenge comes opportunity," said Tester. "Take what you've learned here and make a difference."

For these graduates, it can be a time of great hope, as they become full-time contributors to society.

"This school has given me everything," said graduate Kyle Stone. "I never thought I would get through college. It's a great honor."

Senator Tester, who was born in Havre, told the graduates that most important qualities they have received at Northern are: the ability to reason, the ability to think, and the ability to apply common sense.

"This is a good school with good programs for students to enter the workforce. I'm especially happy for them and more happy for the parents."

Entering the workforce in a harsh economic climate can be daunting. But on this day, optimism filled the air. Especially since these graduates know the value of their hard-earned degrees.

"With this economy, it's good to pursue higher education," said graduate Hope Anderson. "It is a good opportunity for us. And certainly a good time to graduate."

The Senator has confidence in this class, and sees opportunities for them to use their education to help rebuild Montana's economy and make a positive impact in their communities.

"You have proven that you have the the skills," Tester said. "You have shown that you have the work ethic. So go get 'em!"

Tester's Mother was a 1940 graduate of MSU-Northern, when it was known as Northern Montana College.