Schools on or near reservations receive federal stimulus money

Great Falls Tribune

U.S. Sens. Jon Tester and Max Baucus said in a news release Thursday that some Montana elementary and high schools will receive nearly $1.6 million in new funding from the federal stimulus bill.

The funds, which are divided between 28 schools on or near Montana's Indian reservations, will be used to repair and modernize the facilities.

The $1.6 million is in addition to the nearly $1 billion Montana is receiving from the jobs bill designed to create jobs and rebuild infrastructure.

"Rebuilding our schools to improve education is a good way to boost our economy," Baucus said. "These dollars will create good-paying jobs and they will result in projects that will increase prosperity for generations."

"The money will address well-documented, long-standing school construction backlogs on Montana reservations," Tester said.

Schools receiving funding include:

  • Box Elder Elementary, $86,068
  • Box Elder High, $25,819
  • Browning Elementary, $304,110
  • Browning High, $132, 257
  • Dupuyer Elementary, $2,296
  • Frazer Elementary, $17,786
  • Frazer High, $10,614
  • Harlem Elementary, $78,895
  • Harlem High, $34,426
  • Hays-Lodge Pole Schools, $63,979
  • Heart Butte Schools, $42,173
  • Lodge Grass Elementary, $63,690;
  • Lodge Grass High, $39,303
  • Poplar Elementary, $132,832
  • Poplar High, $46,764;
  • Rocky Boy Elementary, $104,143
  • Rocky Boy High, $43,608
  • Wolf Point Elementary, $18,647.