NBC Montana: Tester fires off another letter to USPS postmaster general

by Maritsa Georgiou

MISSOULA, Mont. – Sen. Jon Tester is pushing back on the USPS again, saying explanations for removed blue collection boxes are unacceptable.

The removals were put on hold after our NBC Montana reports with leaked location lists spread to national news outlets.

Tester says he’s still concerned about USPS decisions and transparency after the agency responded to a letter he wrote mid-August looking for answers on collection box removals.

Tester wanted to know more about the removed boxes and information on density tests used to determine which boxes are cut.

The USPS response letter said density tests were done in late June.

In Friday’s letter, Tester addressed the boxes on the Montana State University campus. He says it’s no surprise they would have low traffic on a college campus in the summer during a pandemic.

In the letter, Tester again asked for clarity on mail sorting machines, collection box removals and specific information on how the decisions were made.

NBC Montana submitted a similar FOIA request to the USPS about density tests Thursday.