Tester helps battle prostate cancer


by Brenda Bassett

BILLINGS – Senator Jon Tester wants to help in the battle against prostate cancer. Last year, Tester introduced the Prostate Cancer Act of 2010 to expand research to find a cure.

This month, Tester was featured in Costco Connection magazine with pro football hall of fame player Mike Haynes in hopes of raising awareness.

Tester said it’d take the work of many organizations to find real solutions. "Not only Health and Human Services, but also the VA does a lot of work on this. So, if we can get these folks to work together, which this act does, we'll get more bang for a buck and hopefully find solutions to the problem," said Senator Tester. "There's a lot of good work being done out there and if we combine our efforts, we can find a cure for the disease, much quicker."

Tester hopes to push the prostate cancer act through this congress so more research can be done.