KULR8: Senator Tester fighting for Montana children with over $10 Million in programs

by Bradley Warren

BOZEMAN- U.S. Senator Jon Tester announced via email that he secured $10 million in funding to support Montana child care providers.

Funds will go to help keep doors open to serve the families of essential workers.

“Child care providers are key to confronting this crisis,” Tester said via email release. “These funds will ensure child care providers can continue this essential work as we combat this crisis together.”

The $10,113,887 is available through the Child Care and Development Block Grant program and will be distributed to child care providers by the State of Montana.

Tester also pushed for funding to support students and schools during coronavirus outbreak.

Right now $8,764,495 in Department of Education funding is on its way to Montana for the Montana Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund.

“These funds will help our schools weather this storm,” Tester said via email release, “so they can continue to do what they do best: teaching and training the next generation of Montana leaders.”

The funds will go into the Governor’s Emergency Educations Relief Fund from the CARES Act which is flexible funding to allow them to address the needs of their elementary and secondary schools as well as public institutions of higher education.