Tester Says He's Listening To Montanans, Proud Of Strong

NBC Montana

by Katherine Mozzone

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Senator Jon Tester toured the Head Start facility in Bozeman today, a national program that promotes school readiness.

Tester says it's important for him to show his support for such a successful program while there are so many budget cuts going on in Washington.

He says he's been listening to concerns of people around Montana and the deficit and jobs are at the top of their lists.

Tester says what sets him apart from his opponent is his strong record.

"What we've gotten done over the last five, six years and what he's done in his 10, 12 years in Washington D.C. I think the difference in records is stark and I think it really does set us apart from one another. The effectiveness we've had in the last 5 years, it'll be 6 years by the time the election rolls around, we're very proud of our record, let's just put it that way. Whether it's in critical infrastructure, whether it's in this nation's security, whether it's management of wildlife, whether it's making sure we have some level of predictability, we've done some great work and we need to let people know about that and let them know what the other side of the equation is, too, as far as what's been accomplished," says Tester.