MT healthcare reform supporters thank Baucus, Tester

Montana's News Station

Democrats continue to push to pass healthcare reform before the holiday break, while Republicans accuse their counterparts of rushing the bill.

In the midst of the debate, some Montanans in support of reform took time to say "thank you" to Montana's U.S. senators.

The groups paid visits to the Great Falls offices of Senator Jon Tester and Senator Max Baucus, sharing their personal experiences and challenges with current health care.

Supporter Don Ryan says that, although he's not satisfied with everything in the current healthcare proposal, there are many good aspects in the new health care legislation.

Ryan said, "We wonder each month, can we pay out premium this month to cover our health care to cover our family? So something needs to be done to make sure affordability of health care is there for everybody and access for as many people as possible in this country."

Supporters visited the Senator's offices every 30 minutes throughout the day on Thursday.

The Senate is expected to vote early next week.