Senator Tester stops in Butte to visit with Central Labor Council


Senator Jon Tester made a stop in Butte today to visit with the Central Labor council.
The meeting was a question and answer session between the council and the Senator. They discussed several topics like the stimulus plan, changes to the post office, infrastructure, and more.

Senator Tester stressed that human infrastructure is one of the greatest assets and people are the one's who will help grow the economy. He also answered questions about Friday's layoffs of NCAT employees due to a funding cut. He says the funding could be coming back, but the U.S. House needs to look at the whole budget and get it under control.

After that meeting, Tester had another one with a Butte Central Senior who he nominated for the Air Force Academy.

Krista Stone was accepted into the academy and will start there in June. Stone says it's been 31 years since a Butte Central student has gone to the Airforce Academy. She plans to study electrical engineering.