Senator Tester addresses Legislature


by Kacey Drescher

It was almost a week ago when U.S. Senator Jon Tester officially learned he had some competition in the race for Senate in 2012. He spoke with Legislators Friday, offering advice as to what needs to be done to fix our budget and what he’s doing in Washington.

The Senator wasted no time highlighting to both the House and Senate how important it is to work together to cut spending – and get the budget on track. He says in order to do so we all must sacrifice. Tester says one of his biggest challenges in Washington is making them understand what "rural America“ is.

He adds the state of our economy is due to Congresses poor choices over the past ten years, he also highlighted his commitment to veterans along with the Recovery Act that he voted for that put 4,000 Montanans to work.

“Until wolves are delisted and Montana is back in charge, I will do everything that I can to push the Fed’s to work with us,” says Senator Tester.

“Everybody has to feel a little pain, but that dozen’t mean that we need to take a battle axe to the very things that are creating jobs and building our economy or backpedal on our commitment to veterans. Think turning public education upside-down creates jobs and a business friendly environment? In this competitive world, it would only take us backwards,” he adds.

Senator tester will hold his sixth small business opportunity workshop, in Missoula on February 23rd.