Senator Tester pushes local control in public education

by ABC Fox Montana, Tarvarious Haywood

GREAT FALLS – In Montana politics, Senator Jon Tester was in Great Falls Thursday afternoon, speaking with residents about his push for education resources in the Treasure State.

Tester said most of the help comes from the state and local level but the federal government has their job to do too. He added that most of the funds he has secured for education is in the form of grants so schools can have flexibility on how they want to use it. He added parents must also push for the proper funding if they want the best education.

Senator Tester said, “I think that if we have parents involved in the school system and we do have good school systems we will have a vibrant middle class and an economy that’s booming. I’ve said this for a long time if you’re going to spend money on education it’s pretty tough to waste it because this is an important thing that we are doing for the next generations of leaders.”