Tester hosts infrastructure round table in Bozeman

by MTN News, Morgan Davies

Senator Jon Tester was in Bozeman Saturday, to meet with local city officials to discuss their needs and interests for the infrastructure bill.

Bozeman Mayor Cyndy Andrus says that broadband internet is her main concern as Bozeman fiber is not a complete network throughout town.

She believes a project like this will cost tens of millions of dollars.

In Belgrade, its sewer systems and streets that are the main concern as both cities are dealing with growing pains.

“In the previous ones and this one we heard some solid reasons why broadband is important and why we need to plans for it and get that last mile into peoples homes. The sewer and water in a growing community like Bozeman where we have the highest growth in the state and the country meeting the needs of people and businesses for water and sewer is really important,” said Sen. Jon Tester

Senator Tester will continue to host roundtables on infrastructure needs throughout the state.