Tester's roundtable

by ABC Fox Montana, Rachel Crowspreadingwings

Tuesday night President Trump laid out a 1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan. And Friday Senator Jon Tester wanted to know what you think of it.

Tester spent Friday at the Great Falls Public Schools District Office.
He said the goal is to understand the need for infrastructure here in Great Falls, and around the state. Mayor Bob Kelly said it is not just bridges and roads that need work. There were also questions regarding broadband, a new by-pass for the Electric City, or even making sure there will be enough funding to finish any of these projects once they are started.

“I think the state will have to put in some dollars but it depends on how it’s structured but my guess is the majority of the money will come from the federal government or it won’t be built,” said Senator Tester.

Tester said it comes down to prioritizing what is needed most. And that can not be answered until he knows what Montanans need most, and in the end how large the bill will actually be.