Tester fields questions from HS students along "Montennial" tour

by MTN News, Jack Ginsburg

KALISPELL – Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) got some tough questions Friday as his “Montennial” tour continues. They didn’t come from the media, but from Kalispell students.

Senator Jon Tester was at Glacier High School in Kalispell Friday morning to talk to students from Glacier, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Flathead and Stillwater Christian School.

After a brief introduction and background of himself, the senator answered questions ranging from net neutrality and the new tax bill, to same sex marriage and the state of the North Korea situation.

“They were asking questions that were pretty in-depth, they’ve done their homework,” Tester said. “I think that’s encouraging, I think it’s positive for the country. And they’re so much more advanced than we give them credit for. I always tell them that I long for when they take over running this country because they are going to fix the stuff that we’re screwing up.”

One of those students, Erica Braig says she was impressed by the questions asked by her fellow students but was even more satisfied with the way the Senator answered them.

“We asked some hard questions and he answered them so honestly and truthfully that it was really respectful because he gave us the truth in how he felt and didn’t sugarcoat it because of our age or because of maybe our views,” Braig said.

While Tester was fascinated with the students here in the Flathead, he says he has been impressed with kids across the entire state of Montana.

“I would love to tell you that Glacier is the exception and not the rule but I’ve been all over the state talking to kids in AA schools, A schools, B schools, C schools and it’s pretty much the same everywhere,” Tester said. “These guys are engaged, they know what’s going on.”

Tester was asked a lot of questions about his personal opinions and what he would do to certain policy if he could change them. Braig says she was happy to hear that he understands not everyone agrees and in her opinion, is what makes him an ideal representative for Montana.

“He understands that everyone believes something different and that he’s just going on his morals and so I think that he’s a great representative of Montana,” Braig said.