Good news for jobs in Native American communities

by ABC Fox Montana, Rachel Crowspreadingwings

Senator Jon Tester pushed a bill through the senate aiming to boost economic growth through out native American communities in the county. The Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Consolidation Act is heading to the presidents desk for signature.

Here in Montana places like the Blackfeet Community College and Kicking Horse Job Corp provide job training in culinary arts, nursing programs and construction, among other occupations.

In a press release by Senator Tester he said passing the legislation is an important step in fulfilling the nations promise to all native American families and businesses. The bill allows tribes to pool numerous federal employment and job training resources into one comprehensive program.

In a statement from Senator Tester he said in part.
“We have a bipartisan responsibility to create jobs, safeguard our children, and ensure the rich heritage of Indian country is passed down to the next generation,” said Senator Tester.

Included in the press release is a statement by Terry Tatsey, Vice Chairman of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council. Tatsey said the Blackfeet nation can spend more time training people for work and less time administering and reporting to multiple agencies.