Sen Tester announces wildfire funding for Montana

by MTN News

Montana is getting more money to help in emergencies like wildfires.

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) says the Treasure State is getting $3.3 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The grant will help improve emergency and disaster response and management throughout Montana — at the local, state and tribal levels. Sen. Tester says this is critical for the remainder of fire season.

“It’s about connecting up with the agencies and making sure that they’re doing what they can do to get man power and equipment to these fires, but I’ve gotta tell you, with the fires that are going on in California, Washington, and in Montana and Oregon, man power is stretched thin and so is equipment but they’ve done a good job with what they’ve had to work with you know, and when folks work together you get a lot more done,” Sen Tester said.

.Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) also announced on Labor Day that he will continue mobilizing Montana National Guard and state firefighters to fight wildfires across the state.