Senator Tester introduces new act to strengthen national security

by Kolby Crossley, ABC FOX Montana

Senator Jon Tester made in appearance in Bozeman Tuesday afternoon. Tester introduced a new legislation that will support Montana businesses, strengthen national security, and create jobs.
Tester introduced the Strengthening Security and American Manufacturing Act. He made the announcement at Mystery Ranch, a backpack manufacturing company in Bozeman.
Back in 1941 congress passed a law requiring the Defense Department to purchase all clothing, equipment and textiles from American producers. Tester wants to extend this bill to cover more than just the armed forces. By doing this, he feels it will create more jobs.
“This bill will require law enforcement agencies, the Department of Homeland Security to purchase all of its supplies from American manufacturers like this manufacturing Mystery Ranch. This bill specifically requires the agency to buy uniform, shoes, socks, pants, jackets and other textile equipment,” Tester said.
The bill would cover customs and border patrol agents, immigration and customs enforcement officer, TSA agents and other law enforcement officers who operate within the Department of Homeland Security.
Representatives for Mystery Ranch say that they believe this bill could create more than 40-thousand jobs.