Tester Gun Rights


BILLINGS – Senator Jon Tester said he is working for support of gun rights in Congress in light of McDonald v. the City of Chicago. The democrat said he is teaming up with Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to strengthen gun rights for law-abiding Americans.

"We've successfully strengthened gun rights over the years and we've done it by working together, and as far as I'm concerned putting gun rights above party politics," said Tester. "Now, we're urging the Supreme Court to make a decision so that our Second Amendment rights apply regardless of where we live in this country."

Senator Max Baucus was present at Tuesday's hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court to support gun rights.

Last year Montana's Attorney General Steve Bullock joined 32 other attorney's general in challenging the city of Chicago's ban on private handgun ownership.