Tester Meets with U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Gorusch


MONTANA – On Monday, Democratic U.S. Senator Jon Tester met with President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch was nominated by Trump at the end of January to fill the seat left open when Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly.

Republicans have praised Gorsuch as a conservative pick in the vein of Scalia.

During his meeting with the Colorado native, Tester asked about corporate influence in campaigns, civil liberties and Montana’s clean air and water.

Tester said he looks forward to giving Gorsuch a chance during the confirmation process.

“Every Supreme Court nominee deserves a fair shake, and the same goes for Judge Gorsuch. We had a productive meeting, and I will continue to review his qualifications and get feedback from Montanans about his nomination to our nation’s top court. As I continue to review his body of work, I will be looking to ensure he understands Montana and our challenges, as well as the Constitution and that he is committed to protecting our freedoms,” Tester said.

Following the meeting, Tester said he expressed concerns about Gorsuch’s record on women’s access to healthcare.