Tester hosts healthcare forum in Great Falls

by Mackenzie Lee, MTN News

GREAT FALLS – Politicians are gearing up for policy changes under the incoming Trump administration.

U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) met with a group of women at the YWCA in Great Falls on Wednesday to talk about the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act. Tester says they are expecting the bill to be repealed but a replacement has not yet been proposed.

Attendees felt that no-cost preventative care was an important aspect of the ACA, as well as not basing insurance coverage on pre-existing conditions. Many agreed that the ACA is beneficial for low-income families but it hurt the middle class with high deductibles and premiums.

Tester noted, “I haven’t seen what they would replace it with, I’ve not seen a plan for replacement. And that’s what’s kind of scary about this whole thing moving forward for the folks who have had healthcare for the first time, if it’s taken away, it has impacts on their lives. I think there’s ways we can make it affordable for the middle class, it’s just a matter of working together in a bipartisan way to make that happen.”

Tester believes legislators can improve the ACA for all Americans.