Sen. Tester hosts first online Townhall meeting

by Melinda Zosh, ABC Fox Montana

In the past month, you may have seen posts about #Montennial trending on Facebook or Twitter. It’s all part of U.S. Senator Jon Tester’s effort to get young people interested in policy.

On Wednesday, the Senator hosted his first ever online Townhall meeting via Facebook live. During that time, he answered questions posted beforehand and ones posted live on Facebook and Twitter. Tester says he launched the #Montennial campaign so he could open up conversations with young voters on a communication platform that they frequently use.

“This is the next generation of leaders for this country. It’s an opportunity to find out what’s on their mind and let them find out what’s on their minds, because I think that their input is critically important,” said Senator Tester.

Wednesday’s conversation focused on issues that concern Millennials like climate, jobs and the economy, but Tester says he encourages people of all ages to participate. He says there could be more online Townhall meetings in the near future.