War medals returned to Flathead veteran

NBC Montana

KALISPELL, Mont. – A Montana war vet was honored in the Flathead in a ceremony Friday that returned his medals that were stolen.

The ceremony started like any military ceremony would, with a pledge of allegiance.

Iraq war veteran Allen Storm and his family thought this day would never come. Storm’s original medals were stolen five years ago. At Friday’s ceremony Sen. Jon Tester awarded them to him once more.

In 2011 Storm came home from war.

“Since 2011 up until this year or just this last year, I have been a homeless veteran,” said Storm.

Someone stole his Purple Heart and eight other medals.

All stemmed from the day his patrol unit drove over a land mine.

“Not forgetting what we fought for, not forgetting why we were there, it means a lot,” said Storm.

Storm earned a Purple Heart but can’t forget the friend he lost.

“Being stuck in there, and everyone else can get out, and I am buried under sand and just trying to wake him up and knowing he couldn’t get up. It was a tough experience,” said Storm.

Now he wants to help others find their way after war.