Senator Tester makes stop at Great Falls International Airport

by Margaret DeMarco – KRTV

Senator Jon Tester made a stop in Great Falls to discuss an upcoming vote in the U.S. Senate that could have impacts here at home.

On Monday the Senate will vote on the Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill that would help provide certainty to airports across the country.

Great Falls Airport Director John Faulkner showed Senator Tester around the airport Friday afternoon.

This bill will help the Great Falls International Airport plan for infrastructure improvements.

One project Great Falls is currently working on is a runway that both the airport and the Montana Air National Guard could use.

“There’s a component that’s going to help airports across the country, including one here, to be able to do surveys and studies to try to get more flights in here. In Great Falls case that will help drive costs down , hopefully. Also to make services more readily available for the public.”

The bill also highlights security needs of airports across the country.

Faulkner says one piece of equipment that Great Falls needs is a full body scanner, which could during the security scanning process.