Millions set aside for defense projects in Butte


Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester announced on Thursday that the Senate Appropriations Committee passed legislation that includes funding for defense projects in Butte.

Included is $3 million for MSE to develop wearable solar power units for soldiers, another $2.5 million for MSE to develop alternatives for obsolete military smoke screen canisters and $4 million is set aside for Resodyn to research methods to treat battlefield wounds.

UTRS is earmarked to receive $6 million to develop and produce domestic lower cost titanium for the Army. Also, $10 million is for Synesis 7 to convert Navy and Marine Corps paper information into digital format. National Center for Healthcare Informatics gets $3 million to develop simulation training of battlefield environments. Also, the PEAK will receive $3 million to continue training Air Force personnel for pararescue operations.