Tester's Push for New Airport Security Equipment

by Josh Mithell

Security in rural airports should be just as important as big cities. At least that’s what senator Jon Tester says, as he calls on the TSA to bring in new equipment.

Congress is currently working to reauthorize the federal aviation administration, which expires at the end of March.

The budget of the transportation security administration falls under that umbrella, and Tester would like to see some of that funding used to modernize screening equipment in Montana airports.

Currently, the budget requires the TSA prioritize urban airports over rural ones. Folks flying out of Bozeman today told us they’d like to see all of Montana’s airports upgraded.

“I think it should be equally distributed. I don’t feel any less safe than being in a rural airport compared to a big one, but i think that it is absolutely important.”

Specific places in need of new equipment are the great falls and Helena airport