Senator Tester's small business workshop held in Billings


BILLINGS – Senator Jon Tester held his 16th annual small business workshop Tuesday morning. There was a wide variety of ages in attendance and multiple speakers. One speaker is a technology entrepreneur in the Flathead area. She said she’s passionate about entrepreneurship “off the beaten path,” and wants to help those who aren’t in big urban cities to find their niche.

“We have lots of really successful entrepreneurs in Montana that are doing amazing things,” CEO of American Rural Diane Smith said. “We have folks that are doing retail kinds of enterprises, store fronts, arts entrepreneurs.”

Tester told KULR-8 he wants to teach people how to start and grow businesses — and that it’s a win for Montanans, and for the state.

Montanans having jobs helps the economy, and takes pressure off DC as it helps finances at the federal level.

“Ultimately, this is about people living the American Dream and being able to make a living supporting their family. Small businesses is the basis for that in this state,” Tester said.

He called Montana a “small business state,” and said his workshop provides invaluable networking opportunities.