Tester on Congress: "I don't think either party wants to see a shutdown"

MTN News

by MTN News

MISSOULA – Congress has two weeks to come to an agreement or resolution to avoid another government shutdown.

It happened for 16 days in 2013 with widespread impact.

Montana’s senior Senator, Jon Tester, says some members of Congress seem to want it to happen to draw attention to government spending, but he says most elected officials are hoping to avoid a repeat performance.

“But in the end I don’t think either party wants to see a shutdown,” Tester said. “I think it’s a real opportunity for us to work together in a bipartisan way to come up with a solution for the country and for the economy of this country. We need to do that, we need to keep it going, keep some job creation, keep good things happening. If we have a government shutdown, just the opposite will happen. It will have some real negative impacts on our economy and on main street businesses.”

Congress has until the end of the month to pass a funding bill or the government will shutdown on Oct.1.